A collective exploration on new Trans/National Dishes for Berlin

#BeyondtheDöner is an evening of storytelling and cooking to reflect and discuss informally about current transnational Berlinian identity and to promote non- transactional intercultural interactions.

At CLB Berlin in Kreuzberg we would like to trigger a horizontal collective exploration, envisioning new trans/national dishes for Berlin.

Berlin often boasts of its 190 nationalities in its population of 3.605.000. Yet, intercultural population might differ from intercultural interaction.

What is it needed for this interaction to take place?

The origin of several dishes traveled the world. Many of them are signs of cultural exchange, multiculturalism or diversity, but at the same time they can be the result of colonialist and capitalist models that positioned a culture above the others. Ingredients and people flow across different territories, come together and clash in locations with high concentrations of humans. What's their origin and their end? How can people that share a common ground, come together and define the place they inhabit?

Döner Variation Döner Variation Döner Variation

What would you be as a dish?

Beyond The Döner Event Beyond The Döner Event Beyond The Döner Event

A foodscape for Berlin